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Rev. Dr. Walter McCray“Cush Cries Out! Christ Answers!”
Needs Your Financial Support

Brothers and Sisters,
Greetings in the Name of Jesus, the Savior Who came to “gospelize the poor” and taught us that “whosoever” believes shall be saved (Luke 4:16-18, John 3:16).

When the idea to offer FREE ADMISSION to registrants of “Cush Cries Out! Christ Answers!”—the April 22-25, 2015 NBEA Chicago Convention—I really did not know how the leaders of NBEA would respond. However, they overwhelmingly endorsed the idea–a faith-driven approach for reaching more people.

NBEA is embracing a wider community participation in our annual gathering. The No Admission Charge policy makes our meeting affordable to many believers who are financially challenged but desire to attend the event. Those persons include the unemployed and underemployed, many seniors, retirees, and others living on a “fixed income”; our students, our homeless, and others who have little discretionary income.

We believe the Lord has led us in this faith-driven approach. And we also have confidence in our good-hearted Brothers and Sisters in Christ who desire to reach many of the “least of these” in our community and society.

What can you do to help us achieve our purpose? Our budget for the meeting is around $30,000. We believe this amount is reachable. If there were 3 persons who each gave $10,000 — we would reach our financial goal. Or, if there were 6 donors who each gave $5,000—we would reach our financial goal.

I think you get the picture. Indeed, God does have people with the spiritual gift of sacrificial giving. Some have already given and pledged to give toward this venture. NBEA desires to support the 2015 Free-Admission Convention in the following ways: Generous gifts from individuals and organizations; Freewill Offerings at the gathering; Sponsors for meal functions; Exhibits and Journal Ads.

We believe that the Lord’s people will support this ministry which is focused on reaching African-descended people in America, on the African continent, and in the Diaspora. Won’t you help? No gift is too small. Your faith gift may be the “widow’s mite,” and may become a source of great encouragement for the volunteer associates who are working hard so that “Cush Cries Out! Christ Answers!” becomes a resounding success.

You may give to NBEA via PayPal at www.The-NBEA.Org , or you can make a check payable today to the “NBEA” and mail to NBEA, P.O. Box 4311, Chicago, IL 60680.  If you desire to speak with us, call 312-733-1516. We’ll be glad to address any questions you have.

We hope you can attend the convention. If so, it’s important for you to register at No-Cost ASAP. I you are unable to attend, we ask you to pass the word and encourage others to quickly register and attend. Even though no fee will be collected, for logistical reasons NBEA requires registration for each convention participant.

In the meantime, pray for this work, for us, and for those we serve in the Name of Christ. God answers prayer!

“Thank you!” in advance.

Rev. Dr. Walter Arthur McCray



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