Problems and Questions Concerning Women


For Discussion at the Women’s Workshop

By Evangelist Rosalind Jeffries, Ph.D.

4685700Since it was found in 2013 that one-half of the Black men in New York city and Philadelphia have no employment, how does this affect the women, the children? the male-female relationship? the woman-to- woman relationship?

Lesbianism, homosexuality is high and on the rise, what of old-fashioned procreation and progeny?

Some studies say that Black women today do not trust each other, how true is this? Some parents spend long hours away from home. Why is mistrust generally so high? What can you do?

Is it true that women are “wired” differently from men? Or is that statement to excuse men that Alice Walker called “trifling?”

Is the family imbalanced? If so, how and what are the causes and the solutions? Is there a historical precedent for the problem, and does that matter? What were historical solutions back then?

Where do you stand on abortion? Divorce? What does the Bible say, and is that relevant today?

Is there sibling rivalry and why? Is there rape and incest in the family, and what should be done to rectify the damage?

If there is a pedophile in the church or community, what can you do?

Are you raising your child to maintain virginity until marriage? Are youth no longer desiring to marry? The Bible says in the last days they shall not be marrying and given in marriage. What does this mean?

Give some examples of unequally yoked situation, and how can these be resolved, if at all?

Is the problem of drugs in the community yet alive?

How did the problems of gentrification come about, and what can be done, if anything?

Technology is moving faster than many can keep up. The pressure on college students is such that

many become depressed and resolve to commit suicide.

What can be done about the overwhelming numbers in incarceration. According to Dr. Michelle

Alexander, the largest numbers of prisons that exist in the world are in the United States, so what does that say about us?

What are the problems of the aged family members in the home, or is the nursing home the solution?

What is more than you can bear? Does money answer all things?


There are role models of women in African American history; living examples are plentiful. We are particularly interested in those who were active Christians. Harriet Tubman’s words recorded by a Quaker spoke of her conversations with God. My research also shows Sojourner Truth and her outspoken truth caused a riff in the church. The words of Phyllis Wheatley likewise are recorded, but her Biblical quotations not often presented.

Do you talk to God about the problems above and get answers? Are you used of God? God inhabits the praises of His people. How often do you praise? What is meant by praying without ceasing? Are you a healer? What is your testimony?

What are the promises of God? “I will never leave your or forsake you?” Is there anything too hard for God?

In the last days, there will be visions and dreams by the youth and the elders.

What the heart believes the Mind can achieve. Jesus said that greater works we believers will do. Do not put so much attention on physical appearance (illusions), but on the greater good.

Together we are powerful beings; the power of our Collective Mind/Consciousness is Awesome! We are made in the image and likeness of our Creator. In Father/Mother, You must be born again! Romans 10.


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