Values and Distinctions


  • Fellowship
    Cross-denominational fellowship and awareness among believers in Christ
  • Theological Dialogue
    Theology from a black perspective
  • Holistic Ministry and Activists
    Ministry to the whole person (spirit, soul, & body) by pastors and their people by being catalysts and educators
  • Righteousness
    Racial righteousness and conciliation
  • Missions
    A Christ-centered worldview and global missions
  • Support
    Fellowship and support for churches and organizations in a wholesome environment
  • Encouragement
    Encouraging blacks in higher education in white theological and biblical institutions, in professions, and in other organizations


  • Jesus Christ the Lord
  •  African-American
  •  Umbrella Association
  •  Biblical & Cultural
  •  Leaders
  •  Uniting & Empowering
  •  Prayer
  •  Fellowship
  •  Evangelism