NBEA Convention

National Black Evangelical AssociationNational Black Evangelical Association 52nd-Year Convention, Chicago, IL

April 22-25, 2015


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 National Black Evangelical Association – 2015 Convention

Cush Cries Out! Christ Answers!

African-Descended Evangelical Affirmations and Action

“The righteous cry out, and the Lord hears them:
He delivers them from all their troubles”
(Psalm 34:17).

NBEA Execs

The Executives and the Board of NBEA invite all to join with us in Chicago for the 2015 gathering of the Association. The time is right to explore the theme: Cush Cries Out. Christ Answers! African-descended Evangelical Affirmations and Action.

African-Americans and African-descended people the world over are crying out to God for deliverance and help in this time of great trouble. We are confident that the Lord will hear our cries and come to help us in our struggles.

Free Registration







Chicago Location: Hilton Oak Lawn Hotel (94th & Cicero)
1-4 Occupants/Room $129/Night + Applicable Taxes

Black evangelicals gather to pray and act, especially on behalf of African-descended people

National and international black evangelicals will gather April 22-25, 2015 in Chicago, IL (USA) to focus on the above theme. People of African-descent are crying out to Jesus Christ. The issues we face are many and complex, local and national. The challenges are great. Yet the opportunity is present for a people of faith and action to be living witnesses of the holistic Good News of our Savior and Lord. The Most High God calls black people of faith, and their non-black allies in ministry, to put our beliefs into action both in our homes and throughout the world.

The National Black Evangelical Association invites brothers and sisters of faith to join us from the USA, from Africa, from Europe, and from other places of the African Diaspora. Together we will join in fellowship, in prayer, in conversation, and in crafting an agenda for bringing hope, salvation, and help to African-descended people and other afflicted people throughout the earth.

Who should attend?

  • Pastors and ministers
  • Christian educators and teachers
  • Christian based social activists
  • Mission leaders and workers to African-descended people
  • Seminarians, biblical students, and all who love The Word
  • Black evangelical leaders and delegates from organizations and institutions
  • Black Christian students pursuing mission opportunities
  • White and other believers who minister with or to blacks in their organizations and ministries

National/International Conference Call

We will schedule and post a series of conference calls on the convention. The scope of the calls will be national. We want to gather the input of as many leaders and organizations as possible. To be notified about conference calls, register your contact information (an email and phone number for texting): Email Office (Office @ The-NBEA.org) .

Rev. Dr. Walter Arthur McCray, the president of NBEA, has written: Pro-Black, Pro-Christ, Pro-Cross: African-descended Evangelical Identity. The book will give context and focus to the April meeting, and is available at: www.blacklightfellowship.com, www.AMAZON.com. Dr. McCray may be reached at:  WAMcCray (wamccray @ sbcglobal.net).

pb picture

Pro-Black, Pro-Christ, Pro-Cross: African-Descended Evangelical Identity
(Rev. Dr. Walter Arthur McCray, Black Light Fellowship
$24.95, 405 pages – ISBN 978-0-933176-61-4)

Call for Papers

The NBEA calls for scholarly papers on topics related to the focus of the 2015 convention (a long list of possible topics is on the next page). These papers may interact with the content of Pro-Black, Pro-Christ, Pro-Cross (McCray) and should contain both evangelical affirmations and specific action plans for individuals, churches, and organizations. They may already be published or prepared for the convention. These papers may be used as the basis for discussion and/or presentation in the plenary or workshop sessions of the convention, and may be (re)published in the journal.

Send papers to: NBEA, 2015 Convention Paper, P.O. Box 4311, Chicago, IL 60680, or Email papers to: NBEA Office (Office @ The-NBEA.Org).

The NBEA convention will cover some of the important issues, such as:

Foundation of Evangelical Affirmations & Actions

  • Black theology and culture
  • Black evangelical core belief
  • Black evangelical covenant and community (across Cushite locales)

Brief Historical Vignettes of African-Descended People

  • Biblical Roots of African-Descended Nations & Persons
  • Early African Christianity: from the 1st century to the African Church Fathers
  • Ethiopian Jews – Descendants of Solomon & the Queen of Sheba
  • The Legacy of Colonialism on Africa and the Caribbean
  • American Slavery

Bridging the Racial Gaps

  • Intra-racial reconciliation and black Christian unity
  • Inter-racial reconciliation and ministry to people of African descent
  • Diversity and black empowerment
  • Black evangelical responses to racial politics
  • Counteracting manifestations of white Evangelical racism and cultural insensitivity
  • The roles of white believers in supporting and following the lead of black believers in ministry to African-descended people, and in confronting racism in their own racial group.

Evangelism and Missions of African-Descended People

  • Open doors for black missions and mission workers
  • Evangelizing the black group: old and new ways
  • Transforming black churches to impact the community – Revisiting the Church’s Mission
  • Holistic gospelizing and black Christian responses to terrorism: international, national, and local
  • Developing black leaders based on the Joshua generation model

Personal & Community Issues that Must Be Addressed

  • The viability for a Pan-African Evangelical Consultation of the Church
  • Identifying Issues of Various Cushite Cultures – Africa, Europe, North & South America, Caribbean Physical/Medical Challenges – HIV/AIDS, Ebola, Malaria, TB, Diabetes, Hypertension, etc.
  • Expectations for President Obama’s Last Year in Office (& the Future Political Scene)
  • Confronting black male violence: victims and victimizers
  • Addressing the Society’s Assault on Black Boys in Particular
  • Mental Health Issues of A-D People
  • Male/Female Roles & Relationships in all A-D Cultures
  • Parenting – What of the Children?
  • Who Educates Our Children for Their Roles in the World?
  • Internet Networking & Connecting – Essential Communications
  • The necessity of non-Internet fellowship for black believers

Undergirding the Importance of Prayer

  • Organizing to pray with a raised consciousness about issues affecting African-descended people

 For additional information, call (312) 733-1516 – NBEA Office.
Dr. Ruth Lewis Bentley,  Administrative Executive Director
NBEA Office (office @ The-NBEA.org).
Rev. Dr. Walter Arthur McCray, President