NBEA 2017 – A Glimpse:
Cush Cries Out! Christ Answers!

A Message From the President: Evangelical Blackness and Focus on Ministry to People of African Descent

CertifieldBlackEvangelicalsThe pervasive portrayal of conservative “Evangelicals” in the media’s coverage of the current political race for president demands that the National Black Evangelical Association reaffirm its cultural commitment and ministry to Black people. Without reservation, NBEA is pro-Black and pro-Christ, and pro-Cross of redemption of the world. Certainly, we are not whitenized evangelical Black believers. We welcome all, especially brothers and sisters of African descent, to understand our beliefs and vision by reading the article “Certified Black Evangelicals.”


Welcome to NBEA:   Organized in 1963, the National Black Evangelical Association (NBEA) is an African-American focused ministry of reconciliation, with the watchword of“unity in diversity without enforced conformity.” NBEA has a primarily Black membership that is cross-denominational, and promotes Biblical and cultural integrity. NBEA worships and represents the Lord Jesus Christ.   We center ourselves in the Bible, and believe that the new birth of God’s salvation comes by His grace, to all who repentantly trust in the atoning death of Christ and His life-giving resurrection.  Find more information on the About  page.




Reflection on Black Lives
Dr. Carl F. Ellis, Jr.
Last night, two young Black Christian leaders from our community came to visit us.  They joined a steady stream of young people who’ve come to our home in the last few years seeking answers.  continue reading


Some Things I’ve Learned Along the Way
Dr. Carl F. Ellis, Jr.
Soon I’ll be seventy years old.  It’s hard to fathom this, since I still feel twenty-five.    When I was young, I lived for moments.  Today, I’m living for time.   continue reading


Circle of Protection
Dear Presidential Nominee Clinton and Presidential Nominee Trump:     It is now apparent that you will stand as the [Republican/Democratic] Party’s candidate for election to the office of President of the United States. The calling to public service is a sacred vocation,     continue reading


Urban Ministry Notes on the Recent Dallas Shooting
Rev. Joel Washington (Khunanpu Sangoma)
“The greatest purveyor of violence in the world: My own Government, I cannot be silent.”  Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Beyond Vietnam, April 4, 1967, Riverside Church, NYC, to Clergy & Laity Concerned About the Vietnam War    continue reading


God can use our Suffering for His Greater Glory
 Dr. Anne Bailey
These are troubling times but people of African descent have known great troubles. As the Negro spiritual goes, “Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen, Nobody knows my sorrow.”      continue reading


Being Black and God’s Elect:
Pastor E. Stephen Roberts
God fulfills His plans for our particular generation of Christ’s Church the same way that He has done in the many generations of believers who have come    continue reading